About Me

Hi, I'm Jen! Welcome to my blog.

I live in the suburbs, just outside of Toronto, with my newly married husband, Bradley, and my very adorable pup Champ. We were married on September 22, 2013 in a charming Inn located on a riverbank surrounded by a forest. It was a small intimate wedding, just what I wanted.

Me and Bradley on our wedding day.
We`ve been living in an apartment for the past 4 years, but we are on our way to purchasing our own house. This spring we`ll be starting our house hunt. We will be looking at homes a couple of cities to the west of where we are now. I cannot wait. Seriously, I think about it everyday. I`m already planning furniture arrangements and colour schemes, and we don`t even know where we`ll be living.

I have classic traditional style, and love neutrals. My favorite designer is Sarah Richardson. I love the way she mixes fabrics, and I love that there is always a polished look to her finished rooms.

Over the years I've dabbled in different hobbies. I've made over furniture that I found on Kijiji and resold them, sometimes for a pretty good profit. Usually it would be dressers or side tables. Slapping on a coat of white paint can seriously make a worn out dresser a stunning feature in any room. Recently I bought my first sewing machine. I've never even sewn before I bought it, but I thought I would like to try it out by making pillow cases. Well, sewing is a lot tougher then I thought. I'm still working on it, and hope to have one perfectly sewn pillow one of these days.

A dresser I painted and resold. Horrible picture., sorry.

I`m starting this blog as way of documenting our house hunts, and hopefully you'll follow along as I decorate my new home. Along the way, I' ll add in some crafts and DIY.  My hope is that I can inspire others to create changes in their home so they can feel comfortable and love their own space.

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