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Since it will still be a few months until I buy my first house, I need to live vicariously through others.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon veranda-interiors.com.  Melissa, the blogs author, is an interior designer, from Calgary, Ontario. She lives with her husband, who is a  builder, and their two sweet boys. Melissa's work really captures my style. She works with lots of whites and natural woods. High contrast, right up my ally.

Take a look at this kitchen

I can honestly say that this is my dream kitchen. Now, I don't have the budget for a kitchen like this (not even close!), but there are ways that I can duplicate the look. I want white cabinets, and I am willing to paint the oak ones, or whatever colour our future house has. An island is on my 'want' list, and I hope I end up with one. Since it's just me and my husband (we don't plan on having babies) I'd scrap the idea of a kitchen table and chairs, and have seating at an island, just like the one pictured above. It would be enough space for us to enjoy our meals.

And I am drooling over those oversized hanging lights. Amazing!

Let's have a look at a living room she designed

Built ins, check. Huge windows, check. Fireplace, check. Window seats, check. Light coloured couch with darker chairs, check and check. Yup, I think she read my mind when she was designing this space :) I would also like to add a little greenery here and there. A fiddle leaf tree would be nice by the far window, and maybe a fern on the coffee table. And of course, the big gaping whole about the fireplace would house our huge tv... this would not be my idea though, this would be the husbands choice, I mean, they do have to have some input right? If it was up to me I'd hang a large beautiful painting up there, maybe something abstract.

I have a big family. There are 15 people in just my immediate family alone, including my siblings spouses and children. So my dream would be to have a large enough dining room to accommodate everyone, but that probably won't happen. I love Melissa's dining room:

I love the dark grey walls. I think it looks so luxurious. And even though the walls are dark, the room as a whole doesn't feel dark, partly because of the white wainscoting and the large door ways that lead into the white hallways. I can't even pinpoint my favorite thing in this room... I mean look at the wainscoting, the big wood table, the chairs, the ceiling fixture...

One last peek into Melissa's designs: bathrooms. Here's a sampling of bathrooms she's designed:

There are no words. I love them all. Melissa you are my hero.

Please hop on over to veranda-interiors.com and check out all the other beautiful work that they have done.


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