Christmas Tours

I have the day off work today so I decorated a bit for Christmas around my house. I wanted to take pictures, but my cheap little Nikon just doesn't do beautiful twinkle lights, candles, and glorious red, gold, black and green decoration justice. I do believe a new camera is in order... I could add it to my wish list for Santa :)

If you don't believe me about my camera skills, here's a quick peek at a project I worked on this week. A Christmas chalkboard. Please don't ask me why they are so distorted.

See, told you : )

I've been seeing many Christmas Home Tours these last couple of weeks, so I've rounded up a collection of my favorites.

First up Emily A Clark. How she manages such amazing decorating with 5 little ones running around is beyond me. I don't have any kids and I get stressed out sometimes.

I love her mix of textures, colours and patterns. They play so well with each other.

Next is Dear Lillie. Have a look at her living room decorated for Christmas. Keep in mind she's only lived in this house for a few months.

I am love with this picture from View Along The Way. The dark dramatic wall, the plant and the texture of the basket it sits in, pops of dark red... I'm in love.

This beautiful home belongs to Chris from Just A Girl. I'm partial to these pictures not only her home is fabulous, but she owns a Mastiff, and I had a Bullmastiff which we had to put down about a month ago, so I love seeing pics of her pup.

These are just a few of the amazing homes I've come across. Do you have any favorites?


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