It's the most wonderful time....

Since Christmas is just around the corner (just over 4 weeks!!), I've been keeping my eye out for decorating inspiration on blogland, and man is there a lot of it out there. Last year I decorated for Christmas way too early, I think I started the first week of December, but that was a bad idea. I got so tired of seeing it all that I ripped it down as soon as Christmas was over (think Dec 26th). This year I will take my time to decide exactly how much I want to put into decorating.

Right now I am all over this look...

Classic, traditional and so inviting. This is my dream... if I had a staircase. Unfortunately with me living in an apartment, I don't have that luxury. But man, I wish I had stairs so I can decorate them like this! 

I also plan to grow some paperwhites this season. Have you ever grown them from bulbs? I think they are beautiful, but I heard the smell can be rather stinky, so we'll see how things go. I do believe a trip to Goodwill tomorrow is in the works so I can get a beautiful dish to use as the planter. I'll post some pictures to show you how they turn out.

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